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HEC Global, Inc. is an international IT company headquartered in Irvine, California, USA. It was founded in 2003, with offices in USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based internet communications applications suite and e-commerce driven personal health products. Our Affiliates share their product experiences with those in their personal networks, developing a very unique and ongoing IT referral marketing opportunity. Our mission at HEC is to inspire, teach and empower people to live happier, healthier and more affluent lives through being able to more fully utilize the Internet.

Our expertise is in the development of user-friendly IT communications applications to help people communicate more effectively, efficiently and profitably online. The IRIS Applications Suite is updated and expanded on an ongoing basis to provide the greatest possible value for our Affiliates. Our team is led worldwide by a highly experienced management team and innovative staff with tremendous experience in IT product development, ARC product development, product and opportunity marketing, customer support, finance and administration.

HEC Contents

  • icon HEC Global, Inc.
    Corporate Website
  • icon Phytter
    Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP)
  • icon Phytter Dock
    Cloud-Based Data Storage
  • icon CooksNet
    Cooking Recipe Sharing Website
  • icon Move It 4
    Health and Fitness News
  • icon iHealth Cast
    Health News
  • icon Fortris10
    A combination of 10 antioxidants formulated supplement
  • icon Nerush
    A nutritious protein-based meal supplement option
  • icon Zenrise
    A nutrition-based, high-performance mind and body energy drink
  • icon iRush Help
    Disaster Awareness and Financial Support
  • icon Takuma Pit Shop
    INDYCAR Driver Racing Merchandise
  • icon B88C
    Online marketplace to discover the best things to do in your city
  • icon BioLift
    An instant wrinkle lift serum
  • icon ClearActiv
    An anti-acne skin care products

IRIS Application Suite

The IRIS Applications Suite is a complete package of cloud-based software applications that provide a central solution for personal and business communications, thus dynamically improving its productivity and profitability. Continuously updated and developed to meet the demands of the fast-paced worlds of marketing and technology, the IRIS Applications Suite is available through multiple devices, including desktop and mobile.

The IRIS Applications Suite includes:

  • IRIS Academy - a smart online system for learning English
  • IRIS eComm - a dynamic database marketing application
  • IRIS Expo - a creative tool for making visual digital marketing materials
  • IRIS Meet3.0 - an advanced video conferencing system
  • PHYTTER - a comprehensive communication program
  • iPhytter 3.0 - a quick mobile communication application
  • PHYTTER DOCK - a highly-secure, cloud-based storage service
  • IRIS Print - an easy design and print platform
  • IRIS Studio -  a robust storage application for pictures
  • IRIS VeMail - an intuitive email marketing application
  • IRIS Webrush - a user-friendly blogging platform
  • IRIS Webcast- a complete program for broadcasting online presentations
  • IRIS Grand Prix Racing - a fun, virtual online racing game

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